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Being a European top-performing company, we are bringing Google’s Virtual Tours to Kazakhstan. This is the innovative Google technology that allows potential customers to visit inside your business, monuments and squares from the comfort of their home. Whatever the location, the customer can take a virtual walk around. Google technology: content available worldwide, in any language and for all operating systems.Responsive and easy to use with any device. New engagement experience. Fully compatible with websites and social networks


Immersive high resolution 360˚ video is the newest technology to enable your audience to have a Virtual Reality experience, both recorded and streamed LIVE. With our latest technology we can provide a cost-effective Virtual Reality solution for any need, from under the oceans, to your streets, monuments and squares, to the air! We also develop Augmented Reality solutions, which marry the content created with 360° technologies to give the end user the ultimate experience.


Tailor made creation of virtual tours, targeted towards the exploration of an environment. This is achieved by using photographic material taken at 360°, or through the use of computer graphics, 3D modeling and rendering. With the latter, the user will be presented with a real-life representation of reality and the exploration of the environment will be available also offline. There is truly no limit to the size of the project, and there are no geographical limitation where the service can be deployed.


This is the tip of the iceberg of immersive technology. Beyond augmented reality, with this service we offer the possibility to live an experience from within an untrareal dimension. This is experienced through the realization of a special simulation room, with made-to-specification walls which bring to life the environment. The possibilities which can be expressed with immersive caves are several, from the stereoscopic realization of an architectural project from paper, to the reproduction of a real environment located on the other side of the world.


Through advanced scheduling software and the transmission of audio-visual content, its possible to create IPTV solutions, which are ideal tools to spread video content, both live and on-demand via mobile devices and smart television sets. Digital signage, corporate identity and business tv are some of the applications for this type of technology, currently widely deployed to improve communication both internally and externally in a company.


Latest generation Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs) equipped with the newest 4K ULTRA HD resolution cameras and 360 fully immersive cameras. With pilots and video operators with decades of experience behind them, to provide a total immersive content framework capable of meeting the needs of tomorrow, today.


It’s a photographic 3-dimensional representation in HD, realised through advanced laser light sequences. Last generation algorithms allow to reproduce human movement and figures with the highest levels of fidelity. With this technology, the deifferences between reality and and the virtual world become thinner, to the point of blending into one. A virtual reality which becomes real and a reality which becomes augmented.


Starting from photographic references, paper-based projects or CAD files, our designers are able to create real-to-life 3D renderings of environments, both indoors and outdoors, with a very high visual impact, able to adapt the model based on the requirements of the client. Through the use of 3D renders, it’s possible to showcase products, contructions or any other model before its inception, without incurring in the high costs and long times involved in production.


We believe that there is something that man knows and imagine that it can not or will not be able to create in the future (more or less distant).